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Podcasting Your Brand

May 31, 2021

Networking is key to overall business growth in SO many ways--from helping you navigate your industry's pitfalls through finding new clients and team members, and more. I'll first illustrate its superpower by comparing networking to a story I've often shared with clients and in my Dreamers Become Doers rooms on Clubhouse--a story you're probably already familiar with. But, this superpower comparison must really resonate, as my followers have begun sharing it around Clubhouse, too! Then, after illustrating networking's superpower, I'll reveal its secret sauce--along with a few other ingredients needed in the mix to ensure your success. At the end, I'll tell you the story from my own life that lead me to realize both networking's superpower and the secret sauce that makes it work. And, all of that will lead to my own BIG announcement!! Listen in, and let's do this...!

Host, Lead Editor, and Executive Producer: Jaime ("Jemmy") Legagneur

Vocal Editor: Paul Stevens

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