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Podcasting Your Brand

Feb 28, 2023

We are gearing up for Season 3 of Podcasting Your Brand! Listen in for a mix of my new daily podcasting tips that I’ve been posting on Instagram (@FlintStoneMedia) and TikTok (@ProducerJaime). Plus, I will update you on the exciting changes for Season 3 that will elevate the value of this show and its ability to help YOU become a better podcaster. Gear up for Season 3, listen in to my carousel of daily tips, and let's do this...!

Host, Lead Editor, and Executive Producer: Producer Jaime ("Jemmy") Legagneur | Email Me! (

Tip #1 from 1/31/2023: Go Into the Spaces that Serve the People You Want to Serve (Instagram | TikTok)

Tip #2 from 2/1/2023: Brainstorming Session to Give Yourself a Runway of Ideas and Confidence (Instagram | TikTok)

Tip #3 from 2/2/2023: Episodes Should be as Long as a Mini-Skirt (Instagram | TikTok)

Tip #5 from 2/6/2023: Two Main Sound Considerations: Background and Echo (Dynamic Mics) (Instagram | TikTok)

Tip #8 from 2/9/2023: Know How to Use Your Equipment in General (Instagram | TikTok)

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Remember: "The only thing more powerful than your voice is your spirit to use it." So, turn that mic on. ~ Producer Jaime


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